Satisfied tegos customers with Cristall caravans and RVs

Do you travel with a Cristall RV (recreational vehicle) or caravan? And you're interested in the retrofit or replacement of a premium retrofit door and a flap module, a high-quality bug protection system or a modern locking system for improved burglar-protection? The following images show some of our satisfied customer's Cristall mobile homes and RVs, that were optimized using tegos premium products, directly assemblied in the tegos manufacture or at one of our service parter's workshops. Increasing comfort and value retention of your mobile home included. Get your individual counseling, independent of manufacturer, brand, type or year of manufacture of your recreational vehicle.

Cristall Recreational Vehicles

Cristall Cristall or Lunar - A Leading Light. The bad news for all Cristall fans in Europe is, that the english parent company "Lunar" have removed their brand "Cristall" from the european market by mid 2017. An attempt to preserve this brand by the name "Cristall by Lunar", and to set the focus to competence in light-weight construction, did rather confuse the customers and thus failed. Also, the forthcoming Brexit may have suggested this sad company decision in 2017. Therefore, as of now, the brand "Lunar" is a completely independent brand in Germany, offering caravans and RVs, and extending the existing dealer network. Unfortunately, the cute little Cristall itself - based on the ultra-compact Nissan Evalia/NV200 - disappears from the market. But the "urban cowboy" by Zoom built on the same vehicle basis stays true to the same ideas. If you're interested in Lunar vehicles, you can read up on the Lunar homepage:

Link to the Cristall website

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